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We Are All One Family Bearing One Free National Name

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Noble Drew Ali, founder of the Moorish National and Divine Movement, and forefather of the Moorish American Nation, urged us to go back to the state of mind of our forefathers Divine and National Principles. So that we will be law abiding and receive our divine right as citizens according to the free national constitution that was prepared for all free national beings.

Noble Drew Ali instructed the lost Asiatics of North America to proclaim BOTH our free national name: MOORISH AMERICAN and our religion: ISLAMISM, to be recognized in the government in which we live and the nations of the earth.

There is only one way for the lost Asiatic who are classified as Negros, Blacks, Colored and African Americans to be recognized by the United States Government and the nations of the Earth and it comes ONLY through connection of the Moorish National and Divine Movement which is incorporated in the government of the United State of America.

The Key to the power of the Moorish Americans is unity under our free national standards which   include our name free national name MOORISH AMERICA and our divine creed ISLAMISM. These standards give us political power in this government and around the world. Our Free national name and standards give us divine rights unmolested by other citizens.  Under our free national standards we can cast a free national ballot at election polls under the free national constitution of the States Government and not under the granted privileges of the 14th and 15th amendments as has been the case for many generations. With our Moorish American unity we can back those candidates who have our best interest at heart.

THERE IS BUT ONE SUPREME ISSUE. That this for those who are labeled Negro Black and Colored to proclaim their nationality as Moorish American and their divine creed as Islamism through the Moorish national and Divine Movement .    All True American Citizens are identified by national decent names before this free National Republic of the United States of America.

By modest estimates, there are more than 500,000 Moorish Americans in the Continental United States. We are all one Family bearing one Free National Name. Only 10% of the total population of the Moorish Americans in the U.S. are unified and make decisions on behalf of the nation in a unified way. As we continue to unify we can change our total condition here in the United States for the better.

Welcome to the Moorish American Life! We are not here to judge your life or overwhelm you with religious dogma .We are dedicated to teaching our people those things that will help make them better citizens of the United States and the World.



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