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Regarding Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud

Regarding Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud, the Saudi Family, their alliance with the the Wahhab Family and the spread of Wahhabism, the families formed a pact in 1744, initiating a long-standing support of Wahhabism by the Saudi Family.

Is American Citizenship Important?

"I AM A CITIZEN OF THE U.S.A."   ~ A proclamation found on the Nationality Card for the M.S.T.A.     Recently, the famous Hip-Hop artist Slick Rick was granted U.S. Citizenship after dealing with a 23-year legal battle with the United…


"All of the Moors are active, not passive."CALLING ALL MOORISH AMERICANS ~Excerpt from Moorish Literature As you may or may not know, Brother Mansur Ball-Bey, an 18 year old Moorish American Moslem who attended the M.S.T.A.…

Who Are The “Soul People”?

Although it is not used much nowadays, chances are if you grew up in the '80s or before, you've heard of the term "soul people".  The term "soul people" has been commonly used to described Melanized people (particularly in the United…