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The Fez And Turban

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Part I

Often time’s people may wonder about the origin of the Fez and Turban. The cliché, “there is nothing new under the sun,” resonates with truth with regard to this subject, in view of the fact that the Fez and the Turban are not new headdresses, nor did it originate with Masons or Shriners. We must bear in mind that the Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali has not only brought us back to the state of mind of our forefathers, additionally he has also brought many things that are particular to our own culture, nation, and history.

The Fez and the Turban represent a dual heritage: Firstly it is a national headdress, not only national but Free National. It is a Free Mans/Women Degree. Those who adorn Fez and Turban are Free National Beings who carry Free National Names with Free National Standards. Secondly, the Fez and Turban are also religious headdresses. It is worn by those who are Moslem by creed. Many renowned Islamic dignitaries throughout history wore the Fez and Turban.

The city of Fez in Morocco (founded by Idriss I, who was the cousin of Ali, the son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad) received its name due to the mass production of Fezzes there. The Tulip flower many times is associated with Holland, but the flower and its name originated in the Middle East, where it is linked with Turban’s. Actually the term Tulip” was used for the flower, because when fully opened out the bulb resembles the Turban.

The Fez and Turban are symbols of our identity; they are very crucial to establishing our Moorish American Moslem presence in our community.

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