Regarding Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud

The Saudi Family and the spread of Wahhabism

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Regarding Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud, the Saudi Family, their alliance with the Wahhab Family and the spread of Wahhabism, the families formed a pact in 1744, initiating a long-standing support of Wahhabism by the Saudi Family. The Saudi Family gained control of the Hijaz (now Saudi Arabia) on January 8th 1926.

Petroleum was discovered in Saudi Arabia by American geologists working with Saudi officials in 1938, and Ibn Saud granted substantial authority over Saudi oil fields to American oil companies in 1944, to the dismay of the British.

Ibn Saud used oil wealth to aggressively spread Wahhabism, suppressing Classical pre-reformist Islamic practices, with British power backing him to eliminate all rivals by 1929-1930, followed by American backing from 1944. Wahhabism effectively ended nearly 1400 years of accepted religious practices surrounding the Hajj, the majority of which were sanctioned by a millennium of scholarship.

Via associations with the World Muslim League, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other groups, and backed by Saudi petrodollars, Wahhabi missionaries were sent into West Africa, the United States, and other countries, where the League funded schools, distributed literature and gave scholarships to attend Saudi religious universities.

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