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Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s Birthday

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On this day Noble Drew Ali, the last Prophet in these days, was born in 1886. He was born Timothy Drew in Simpsonville, North Carolina. He founded the Moorish Science Temple of America in 1913 A.D. at age 27. Moorish Americans celebrate the Prophet’s birthday by having officials of the Moorish Science Temple of America reflect on the great importance of Allah sending a Prophet to mankind in these days. We also have a feast and many exchange gifts.

Prophet Noble Drew Ali was sent to the Asiatics of America to return to them their lost nationality, Moorish American. He began uplifting the Moors by teaching them their lost creed, Islamism, and how to be better citizens. Through his efforts the Moorish Americans were able to vote and were instrumental in electing Congressman Oscar De Priest to the House of Representatives in 1929.

Prophet Noble Drew Ali taught that our people, misnomered ”Negroes” in the United States, are ”Asiatic,” more specifically Moors, and descendants of the ancient peoples whom inhabited Northwest and Southwest Africa before being enslaved in North America. Prophet Drew Ali passed in 1929.

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