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Organization’s Growth Enormous Temples In All Principal Cities

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Since the organization and establishment of the Moorish Science Temple of America, in 1925, its growth has been enormous. The facts concerning the Moslem Religion meets the approval of the people everywhere. For one to have explained their nationality, the history of their forefathers who were the masters of the first civilization of the old world is to give them something that fills a vacancy in their lives and gives them a culture and hope to obtain the fullness of life as was Divinely ordained by our Master ALLAH.

In every principal city of the nation is to be found in Moorish Science Temple with a large membership. The Grand Sheiks who are in active charge of the Temples are thoroughly schooled in the matters of the sciences and religion by Prophet Ali—where science and religion blend without any fraction as is maintained by some forms of other religions

The many secrets of Jesus and other prophet of this religion are given to the members of the Temples as fast as they can qualify for same. The precepts with(?) philosophy of the Prophet are so inspiring that when one hears and understands they find themselves benefited immediately.

This religious organization is secured and safeguarded by the very constitution of the United States for in reality in makes of the ordinary man or woman a better citizen for they realize what citizenship means. It teaches loyalty to the nation and the deepest respect for law and order.

Because it teaches of our forefathers and the wonderful work they did in the way of founding the first permanent principles of civilization. It does not mean that there is anywhere in the program an idea for a mammouth pillage to some other country.

It is the policy of every Temple to have a community store and a laundry owned and operated by qualified members of the Temple : in all of the cities will be found a store or a laundry and in some cities are tow and three stores and markets. There is also attached to the activities of the Temples that has to do with the question of employment for the members. Thrift is one of the Prophet’s main points and when he speaks on such matters the members hear and obey.

All who will investigate the teachings of the Prophet from the Holy Koran will soon see what it means to be Moslems and why the Temples are leaving such large growth all over the nation.

Originally printed in The Moorish Guide Friday, August 28, 1928

Vol. 1 No. 1

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