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An Open Letter To The Parents of Michael Brown

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“An Open Letter To The Parents of Michael Brown” was written in the most sincere memory of Michael Brown and other young men like him whose lives on this earth were shortened by acts of senseless violence and injustice.
Dear Brother Michael Brown Sr. and Sister Lesley McSpadden,
I would first like to offer my deepest sympathy and condolences for the loss of your son, Michael Brown Jr.  I know that your pain must be as great now as it was months ago. People around the world have prayed for you and continue to do so. No parent should have to experience what you both have experienced.I can only imagine what you are feeling at this moment – especially in light of the decision, by the grand jury, not to indict Darren Wilson for killing your son. Despite what some may say in the media, the world knows that a grave injustice has been committed. The ramifications of the grand jury’s decision are immense.
As I reflect on what has transpired in Ferguson, Missouri, I come to realize that this is taking place in the same state where a slave, by the name of Dred Scott, filed a lawsuit for the freedom of himself and his family. The case went all the way up to the Supreme Court, where it was decided that the “unhappy black race were separated from the white by indelible marks, and laws long before established, and were never thought of or spoken of except as property”. The Supreme Court determined that those people, who descended from the inhabitants of Africa, and were labeled negro, black and colored, were not true citizens and were void of any human rights. This Supreme Court Decision was never officially reversed. Needless to say, Dred Scott was unsuccessful in his lawsuit. I was inspired when I first read the news that you both had traveled to Geneva, Switzerland to address the United Nations about the injustice in Ferguson. The United Nations is a great place to utilize as a springboard for action. As you stated, “we need the world to know what is going on in Ferguson”.
The one thing that concerns me is that those who advised you to go the United Nations may not fully comprehend how to effectively address issues in terms of international law. I was a bit perplexed when I discovered that you were advised to go before the United Nations Committee Against Torture, when torture was not the circumstance surrounding young Michael’s death. There is absolutely no doubt that Michael was deprived. He was deprived of his right to life. Darren Wilson had no right to unjustifiably take your son’s life. That is a violation of Human Rights. The late great Malcolm X even said it himself, “It’s not a problem of civil rights but a problem of Human Rights”. The issue of the unjust killing of your son, and other young men like him, should be brought before the United Nations Human Rights Council ( As it states in Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person”.
I would also strongly encourage you to consider the importance of nationality in relation to international law. Nationality is that quality or character, which arises from the fact of a person’s belonging to a nation. Nationality is based on the “law of blood” (i.e. heredity) and/or the “law of soil” (i.e. territory). Nationality determines political status. Thus, one cannot effectively go before the family of nations and address the violation of political rights if they do not have a political status. Unfortunately, those of us, who descend from the inhabitants of Africa, and are labeled “negro”, “black”, “colored” and “African-American” in this society, are the only people on the planet who have never collectively proclaimed their nationality.
In the year 1913, there was a man who decided to address the issue of nationality for those who were labeled negro, black and colored. His name was Noble Drew Ali. He founded an organization that allowed us to proclaim our nationality and reclaim our birthrights. That organization still exists to this day. It is known as the Moorish Science Temple of America. If you are interested in learning more about nationality, then I encourage you to go to your nearest Moorish Science Temple of America location and speak with some of the organization’s members.
Whatever you decide to do from henceforth, I pray that you and the rest of your family are protected and remain strong. Righteousness will always prevail. Love is always stronger than hate. Just remember that your son continues to live in the hearts and minds of all of us who care. Man is not the body nor the soul; he is a spirit and a part of Almighty God. I wish you Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.
Yours Truly,
Shem El

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