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We Are Moors…

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They say we N I Double G ER, we are much more, more, Moors

Who were our ancestors that came to these shores?

Who were our ancient ones here before?

See when the truth is in our face we unconsciously ignore

We have allowed people to define who we are

Became physically but much worse mentally scarred

Started following whatever was given became the dead amongst the living

We went from Moor, to BlackaMoor to Black

This was done so our illustrious title could not be traced back

Until we realize that we must study self

Our culture, nationality, creed will be on the shelf

Literally in Libraries and bookstores

All because we don’t read or demand more

All the tears, cries, and pain was tied to that universal core

The Supreme Creator sent us Divine Love that came to refine and restore

Purity paved the way let us explore

The Golden Age of our ancestors on Spain’s shores

A shining light to the world hop aboard

This Star Line of words, we can afford

To hear who we are told by our own

When tolerance, peace, and knowledge strongly roamed

In the land understand, education was universal

Used for Upliftment never commercial

This disconnection from our ancient civilization

Caused Mass confusion, ignorance, and humiliation

Question if you don’t respect self

How can you demand respect from someone else

Not in riches but in your name there is wealth

History may not acknowledge us but we were scholars that started colleges

The current system modeled us

No one can ever tell me I’m negro, black, and colored

Because I represent my Forefathers and Mothers

It’s not what they call us it’s what we answer to,

“We are Moors” I just revealed my answer to you. Peace

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