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Why We Moors MUST Rock the Vote

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More often than not if you ask a person “why do you vote?” they’re answer is like a chorus to an old musical : “Because people died so that we would have a right to vote.” While that may appear to be honorable on its face, the reality is that they have taken away all of the power of the vote and made it into a mere memorial for those that fought for said right. This is a tragedy at best, and at worst, it’s a travesty when your only excuse for voting is that others died so that you would have that said right. Have you ever pondered or questioned why they were WILLING to put their lives on the line in the first place? What is the power behind the vote? The most pertinent question for Moors to ask is why would a Moorish want to take part in the American political system?

Let’s tackle the last question first for in answering it the other questions too shall be answered. If we Moors put ourselves in the proper context of citizenship then we are bound by our free National name of Moorish American to answer up to the constitutional fold as American citizens. Voting is a part of said responsibility. In other words, Moorish Americans are indeed and in fact American citizens. I know some will have a jarring response to that, yet these same individuals proudly wear the name Moorish American. It is a ridiculous assertion that a people who pay taxes, go to public schools, shop in American businesses, are born with American citizenship, grow up to understand the importance of Nationality on American soil, recognize that OUR tax dollars are finance the governments, from municipal to federal, would run from the words American citizen. You are a discredit and a disgrace to your nation. While citizenship doesn’t mean that you have to agree with the direction of your said government, it does mean that you have the ability to directly participate and influence the outcome of the said government. Where do you get the voice to directly affect the outcome of government activities? You get it at the ballot box.

While that may seem like a canned response one thing that we as a people MUST realize is that ALL politics are local. I repeat; All politics are local. They start with your school board, which is influenced by the PTA (Parent Teachers Association), then with your Mayoral races, your state Senators and Representatives, then your Alderman and City Managers and Councils, your Sheriffs and District Attorneys, Police Chiefs and Judges, etc, and finally your Governors. Then we move onto National Politics. Even your National Politicians realize and understand that their political futures rest with the local constituencies. This is why they come back home at election time to kiss babies, shake hands, brown nose the Preachers, cater to the influential on a local level.

No one amongst our people understood this better than our Prophet, Noble Drew Ali. During the roaring twenties the Moorish Science Temple of America was one of the most influential organizations in the country, but primarily its heaviest influence was in the State of Illinois and in the city of Chicago. There the Prophet directed the force, and whichever way he pointed the Politicians went! I know that this is new to many of you, but if you want the vast specifics then purchase the book Prophet Noble Drew Ali: Saviour of Humanity by Azeem Hopkins-Bey, author, Grand Sheik, and Divine Minister. He details each step that the Prophet took in his work.

What many don’t realize is that the M.S.T. of A. was originally established as a civic organization whose lofty goal was to make better citizens out of our people. That work was incorporated into the final outcome, which is the Religious Corporation under which we now exist. Civics is still a major part of the work.

What many may be asking is how did Drew Ali manage to obtain such great influence over these local, state, and national politicians? How did he manage to have 2 Governors coming to him to ask for his assistance? How did he manage to almost single-handedly influence the outcome of elections? It is simple: He galvanized and organized the people, and he controlled their vote with his influence. In other words, no Moor voted until the Prophet told them which way to vote, and when he told them which way to vote then they voted as a unit and as a single weapon took charge of their own destiny. You see while voting is the right of each individual, without a collective effort you are simply wasting your greatest political power. Together we are a force, but individually we are weaklings led around by our noses by politicians who should be at our beacon call. The politicians only fear one thing, and that is our unity.

With great political influence the Moors saw greater economic prosperity and greater outcomes for our people. This is the same model that many interest groups wield today such as the Jews, Catholics, and even the Gay Community. They have become a heavy hitter in politics. Look at how fast gay marriage went from an abomination to a normal part of society. That’s called unity and political sway. We don’t have that today. What we have is a bunch of so-called black people who are slaves to the Democratic Party. The democrats promise to extend handouts and keep poverty flourishing, and we flock to the polls to vote for them. Sure social programs are necessary, but too much help becomes a hindrance. We are a community with billions of dollars flowing through our hands like water. Those dollars don’t even get warm in our accounts before we are spending them with other communities, but I digress for that’s another article.

The question is who do we vote for? Well what we have to do is to take our focus back to local politics again, unite our vote, send a spokesperson on our behalf to the elected officials and those seeking office giving them notice that we yield 500 or more votes and let them know what it is that WE demand. The individual doesn’t matter. It’s the office itself that wields the power. Too many times we get caught up in voting for the individual with the best personality instead of the one who will go to work for our body of politics, or rather for our political needs.

When we vote together we are literally and directly affecting the outcome of elections and directing the use of our tax dollars which will bring us better homes, money for our dilapidated schools, better environmental protection, more access to loans, more job opportunities, more responsible Policeman and community policing, better drug policies, and fair treatment across the board. The vote literally has the power to cut the prison population in half by passing fair and responsible laws.

This idea is called block voting, and it works! Just ask the Tea Party. These people have used their apathy for the election of Barack Obama to galvanize a bunch of angry Caucasians/Europeans (meaning of European descent) under the guise of taking back the government, and their plan is working. We can do the same. They began with local elections. We must do the same. If they are the Tea Party (which is a misnomer) then we must be the We Party (We the People).

Let us galvanize our force in the local school board elections, city council races, and state and local Mayoral and Governors races. We must change things so that we are represented, and we can direct our tax dollars. The politicians will come once we are galvanized. We have a working Model in Noble Drew Ali and the Moorish Science Temple of America. Learn about their/our successes, and let us reproduce it once again. Let us Moors and Asiatics (So-called Blacks, African-Americans, Negro, Colored etc.) Rock the Vote back in our direction. The power of the vote is that we influence the direction of this great nation one election at a time. Let us take back our power.

Bro. Mahdi L. McCoy El, Moorish American Moslem
A.S., B.S., M.S., Technology Mgmt and Info. Tech. Mgmt

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