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Moors Identify With Kevin Durant: The Servant

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Kevin Durant is the recipient of his first MVP award in his career in the NBA. It has been a year in which he has been classed with the most prolific scorers in the league’s history. He is a 6’9” small forward that represents the theory of evolution in the flesh. Durant can score from any point on the court and cross over a defenseless defender like Tim Hardaway. But it’s those back breaking three-pointers that rain on opposing teams at the most inopportune moments.

Everyone has to agree that it’s impossible not to have a well developed killer instinct to score at that level consistently in the NBA. His calm under pressure is infectious to his teammates. They need only to look over at him in a moment of dread and be comforted. Has the NBA ever witnessed a scorer as prolific as Durant so humble…on the court as well as off? His slick but lethal style of play has garnered him monikers such as “Ice-Berg Slim”, “The Slim Reaper”, “The Second Coming”, “The Durantula” and “K-Smooth”. He himself prefers, “The Servant”.

Sports broadcasters, marketers, and most fans do not feel “The Servant”. They’ve even suggested he came up with that one in jest. The imagery created in their minds upon hearing “The Servant” is not to them cool or creative, nor does it describe Durant’s particular brand of killer instinct. They are confused. How can one who obviously enjoys putting the dagger to teams demonstrated by leading the league in scoring at 31.9 ppg choose such a subservient nickname?

“I’m here to shine a bright light. I’m not here to be a guy of, I guess, death.”

“In a game, it’s just like somebody’s trying to rip my head off — I gotta do it before they do it to me.”

“You can call me The Servant. I just like to serve everybody — my teammates, ushers at the game, fans…”

Peaceful warriors know not their full strength without a foe. His potent offense is the best defense against his competition in his mind, evidenced by the above quote…or he may have had to develop that way of viewing it to catapult himself to the next level. Kevin Durant loves his teammates and it shows on the court. He’s always supportive, enthusiastic (though it doesn’t show on his face they can feel it), forgiving of others’ mistakes, acknowledging of his own mistakes, and positive. Likewise he gets a sense of fulfillment when his teammates are successful, the fans are enjoying the game and the ushers are employed.

He loves driving the machine that creates joy and happiness for people. His killing on the court is simply necessary and he would not be so ungrateful not to use all the weapons at his disposal but his ultimate goal is to bring a championship to the Oklahoma Thunder nation. In that vein he is a noble servant of humanity symbolized by his chin hair; in true Moorish style. Hip Hop though has a different meaning of serving than the orthodox one. Therefore, Kevin Durant is certainly “The Servant” who’s been serving all his opponents.



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