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Media’s Misinformation on the MSTA (Part 1)

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“The truth will never be told about a disadvantaged minority by the general press of any country, whether that minority be racial, political or religious.”

~ Excerpt from Noble Drew Ali’s message on the press (as recorded in the Moorish Guide newspaper)

This article is written in response to the recent news reports surrounding Kori Ali Muhammad (birth name: Cory Taylor) – the man accused of killing 3 men on April 18th of this year. All 3 men were of European descent and classified as “White”. Several news outlets have attempted to make a connection between Muhammad and the Moorish Science Temple of America (MSTA).

In one particular article by The Daily Beast, it stated that “Muhammad does not appear to be Muslim, according to his Facebook page, but rather an adherent of a fringe religious movement called the Moorish Science Temple. (Baton Rogue cop-killer Gavin Long was also an adherent.)” Interestingly enough, if you search for the Facebook page of Kori Ali Muhammad where it supposedly states his affiliation to the Moorish Science Temple, you will not be able to find his Facebook profile.

You can however find a Twitter account linked to Kori Ali Muhammad. On that Twitter page, which was created in February 2017 (2 months prior to his arrest), he has 141 “tweets”- most of which refers to the terms “Asiatic Black Man” or Asiatic Black Nation”. Both of those terms are commonly used in the Nation Of Islam (N.O.I.). Both of those terms are NOT used by the Moorish Science Temple of America. In fact, according to the Moorish Questionnaire (part of the organization’s literature), members of the MSTA cannot and do not identify themselves as Black. Members of the MSTA view the term “Black” as one that deludes to slavery and thus do not use it in any way whatsoever.

The Daily Beast also published the following outlandish statement:

“Muhammad made multiple statements on Facebook indicating his adherence to the Moorish Science Temple of America. It’s believers share few beliefs in common with mainstream Muslims—in fact, the holy text of the Moorish Science Temple is a re-worked ‘Koran’ where black nationalist Marcus Garvey appears as one of Islam’s prophets.”

It should be made clear that these accusations are false and defamatory. To prove that this is the case, let’s examine the facts of the matter.

First and foremost, the Moorish Science Temple of America is NOT a racist or hate-mongering group. The Moorish Science Temple of America is an organization whose object is to help in the great program of uplifting fallen humanity and teach those things to make its members better citizens. That means that members must learn to live in harmony with people of all nationalities. Members of the MSTA are instructed that they must “learn to love instead of hate”.

The Moorish Science Temple of America is NOT an anti-government group. The Moorish Science Temple of America is a religious corporation, which is lawfully chartered and incorporated under the Religious Corporation Act of Illinois. This organization was founded in 1913 by a man named Noble Drew Ali. It is recognized by the government of this country. In fact, federal courts have recognized that Moorish Science and the MSTA is “a bona fide religion” and not some sort of “fringe religious movement” as portrayed in the media. Refer to the court case Johnson-Bey v. Lane, 863 F.2d 1308, 1309 (7th Cir. 1988). So, the notion that MSTA is some anti-government group is absolutely preposterous.

The Moorish Science Temple of America does not teach from a “reworked Koran”. Firstly, the word “Koran” is simply an Arabic word for “reading”. Moorish Science Temple of America does recognize the Holy Koran of Mecca (commonly known as the Holy Qur’an). The Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America is a collection of lessons that were previously taught by Moslems in India, Egypt and Palestine. Noble Drew Ali gathered these lessons and prepared them into a pamphlet, which he called the Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America. Furthermore, while Marcus Garvey is mentioned in this pamphlet, he is NOT identified as one of the prophets of Islam. To make such an accusation against the MSTA is outright slanderous.

Various news reports confirm and admit that Kori Ali Muhammad was born Cory Taylor and supposedly posted online that he pushed to for his high school diploma “to read Cory X Taylor”. The Moorish Science Temple of America does not require or advocate its members to change their surnames to “X” or “Muhammad”. That is primarily a common practice found within the Nation Of Islam (NOI), not the MSTA (NOTE: Media outlets have not confirmed whether Muhammad ever became an official member of the NOI either).  At no time was there found any evidence of Muhammad being a member of any Moorish Science Temple or any Moorish American study group. There’s not even any proof that he visited a temple anywhere.

This is why it is important for Moorish Americans to exercise the power of the media. Honors to Bro. Tarhaka Bey for the Moorish World YouTube channel. Honors to Bro. Cozmo El for the Moorish National Newspaper. They are following the steps of the founder of the MSTA – Prophet Noble Drew Ali – who also founded the first Moorish American newspaper called “The Moorish Guide”. I would like to end this piece with the Founder’s words pertaining to the power of the press:

‘The Moorish Guide’ enters the field of journalism with “Malice to none and charity to all”. It is not our purpose to disregard the work of other splendid journals; it is not our purpose to fail to give due attention and space to all American citizens, individuals and organizations alike, who are working in their chosen fields of endeavor for the progress and development of all American citizens and all American Institutions. We hope to cooperate with them in the intensive and grueling battle for universal justice. ‘The Moorish Guide’ feels that ‘the greatest weapon’ in the hands of our group today in America is our press. The truth will never be told about a disadvantaged minority by the general press of any country, whether that minority be racial, political or religious. Unless we express ourselves through papers of our own the truth about us will not be told. Many of the beautiful things, many of the hopeful things and events which mark the progress of our group, will go unrecorded were it not for papers of our own. Our papers are our only hope of shoveling ourselves out from under the avalanche of lies that are annually let loose upon us. “A strong free press is the best possible safeguard of the liberties in general promotion and defense of the interests of strong, free people.


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