Mathematical Theology From The Mind of a Moorish American

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Problem #13

“After learning Mathematics, which is Islam, and Islam is Mathematics, it stands true you can prove it in no limit of time.  Now you must learn to use it and secure wealth for yourself while you are living; that is money, good homes, friendships in all walks of life.  This is the greatest desire of your brother and teachers.”

Problem #31

“A Lion in a cage walks back and forth, sixty feet per minute, seeking a way out of the cage. It took nearly four centuries to find the door. Now, with MODERN EQUIPMENT, he is walking three thousand feet per minute; and he has three thousand by two thousand miles to go yet.”

These two problems in the Problem Book have always intrigued me; one, because of their profound thought-provoking (hence mental reprogramming) message, second, because they are almost “uncharacteristically” simple to solve in relation to the other problems in the book; almost as if these two problems beg close attention by a wider range of the believers.  In my studies of Islamism (Islam from the Moorish American perspective), in conjunction with my previous training in various esoteric orders, I began to focus more on the numbers of the problems themselves.  As we understand that there are no happenings; law governs ALL events, there can be no coincidence, and so we presume a relationship between the numbers and as such, the problems associated with these numbers, even if the author(s) of the problems were unaware of the connection (which I highly doubt).

The numbers 13 and 31 are easily represented by the Aramaic letters Alif-Lam and Lam-Alif, respectively.  In traditional Aramaic, letters and numbers are used interchangeably, and so the word AL (or ‘El’) or “God”, spelled Alif/1-Lam/30, carries a value of 31, as does LA or “Not”, spelled Lamed/30-Alif/1, but derived in opposite ways.  In the spiritual schools (of which the MSTA qualifies), all of manifestation will be absorbed (MHK 11:39), or reduced to nothing, or NO-thing (LA); apparent opposites (duality being the archetypal ‘parents’ of all manifestation) are resolved.  Frater Achad in his Liber 31, describes the gnosis of 13 and 31 thus:

“…the mystery of which is that SELF (God) is also SELFLESSNESS which is LA (Not) and for numeration 31 the Three is One which is None, and the reverse of this Number is 13 which is Unity and Love.”

Our doctrine instructs us that the lower self is truth reversed and is thus falsehood manifest (MHK 3:9).  We find in our Aramaic analysis the reverse of 31 is 13, which is also the Aramaic value for AHAD (‘One’), also LOVE (13) and UNITY (13).  Thus the interplay of GOD (31) and NOT (31) are united in LOVE (13) and UNITY (13).  This is confirmed in another sense in that GOD=31, while its reverse, 13=EMPTINESS (Bayt/2+Hay/5+Waw/6=13).  Thus we can grasp through this alphanumerical analysis the spiritual formula of “God is Emptiness” or “NO-THING;” a non-manifestation, or Aught=0=NO-THING.  As is known in all spiritual, mystical, esoteric and occult schools of thought Emptiness is the essence of all THINGS, thus God is incomprehensible, but in the finite state we come to know Him via direct experience or gnosis; in other words, God is not to be understood, but experienced, and the work of these schools is to attain the state of Emptiness wherein there is no duality, an absence of confusion, hence, The Peace (Islam).

This very relationship between 13 and 31 is directly and explicitly expressed in the first and primary pillar in Islam the Shahadah/Declaration of the Faith (لشهادة‎ aš-šahādah):

“لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا الله / lā ʾilāha ʾil ʾāllāh /There is No God but God.”

Further, the very same relationship exists, obviously, in the combination of the Aramaic letter/numbers to form the very name of God that the Moslems (and others) use to identify the Supreme Being:


Allen Greenfield, in his work “The Central Password-The Dream of H1331,” states:

“It is also true that if 13 be taken for LA and 31 for AL and H for itself, it forms an anagram for ALLAH, the Islamic name of deity and, from a magical perspective, the Word of the Magus Muhammad.”




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