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In The Wake Of Hurricane Harvey

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As we know, Hurricane Harvey is devastating the Houston, TX area.  Hurricane Harvey has been listed as a Category 4 hurricane and also the most costly natural disaster in U.S. history.

Hurricane Harvey could be the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history with a potential price tag of $190 billion, according to a preliminary estimate from private weather firm AccuWeather.

This is equal to the combined cost of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, and represents a 1% economic hit to the gross national product, AccuWeather said.


Naturally, there are many, many Moorish Americans living in the Houston Area. Frankly, they need our assistance. It is our duty as Moorish American Moslems to help our people in any way we can.

The following information is from Moors on the ground in Houston that need our assistance. Do whatever you can. The storm is slowing but this will affect our brothers and sisters for a long time after the storm has finally passed.

This is a Public Message from THE M.S.T. of A. UNITY TEXAS!!!

We send prayers and positive vibrations to the Moors effected in the Houston, Texas and surrounding areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Many Moors have devastating damages to their homes, vehicles, businesses and personal belongings. Many Moors are needing to evacuate and are lacking funds and resources to get out of the city. Moors need funds for food, water, relocation, temporary housing, transportation. We have Moors who have lost their equipment and ability to recover after the Hurricane passes because they lost everything. As a nation it is our responsibility to do what we can. Whether, it is in form of prayer, positive vibrations, volunteering to assist on the ground, delivering food and water into Houston or donating funds. All forms of assistance are welcomed and encouraged. Below is a donation button to contribute any amount that you can. Every dollar does help. We are grateful for your contribution.

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If thy brother is in adversity, assist him; if thy sister is in trouble, forsake her not.

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