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Holy Covenant Of The Asiatic Nation

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Chapter 25-Holy Covenant of the Asiatic Nation

Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America

Holy-sacred, pure in heart; godly;

Covenant-A mutual agreement of two or more persons or parties

Nation-A part, or division, of the people of the earth, distinguished from the rest by common descent, language, or institutions. (Webster’s 1913)

59. What is the MODERN name given to their children? ASIATICS

In more modern terms, the name given is “Afro-Asiatic”.

“Afroasiatic languages (ăf´rōā´zhēăt´Ĭk), formerly Hamito-Semitic languages (hăm´Ĭtō-səmĬt´Ĭk), family of languages spoken by more than 250 million people in N Africa; much of the Sahara; parts of E, central, and W Africa; and W Asia (especially the Arabian peninsula, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel). Since four of the Afroasiatic tongues, Arabic, Hebrew, Coptic, and Syriac, are also respectively the languages of Islam, Judaism, and two sects of the Christian faith, the language family reaches many millions in addition to its native speakers.

 The Afroasiatic family is divided into six branches: Egyptian, Semtic, Berber, Cushitic, Omotic, and Chadic. According to one theory, the languages of the Afroasiatic family are thought to have first been spoken along the shores of the Red Sea. Another theory holds that the language family came into being in Africa, for only in Africa are all its members found, aside from some Semitic languages encountered in SW Asia. The existence of the Semitic languages in W Asia is explained by assuming that African Semitic speakers migrated from E Africa to W Asia in very ancient times. At a later date, some Semitic speakers returned from Arabia to Africa. “(The Columbia Encyclopedia 6th Ed. 2013)

 The Moorish American view of the above is detailed by Prophet Noble Drew Ali in Chapter 47 of the Moorish Holy Koran and Questions 52-63 of the Koran Questions. There were ancient western migrations of these dark olive people from Canaan, Arabia, Moab, and Asia that settled in various parts of Africa, as well as North, Central and South America and the “Atlantis Islands”.

 Referring to ‘Asia ‘ Wikipedia suggests, “Alternatively, the etymology of the term may be from the Akkadian word (w)aṣû(m), which means ‘to go outside’ or ‘to ascend’, referring to the direction of the sun at sunrise in the Middle East and also likely connected with the Phoenician word asa meaning east.” Hence, Noble Drew Ali referred to those ones and their descendants who came to Africa and America from the east as “Asiatics”.

The Moroccan empire was a confederation of kingdoms founded by the Moabites, Hamathites, Canaanites, Hittites, and Amorites. Descendants of these ancient nations later found themselves together on the American soil and being collectively categorized as “blacks”, “coloreds”, and “negroes”. Noble Drew Ali’s intent is to unify these varied peoples into one nation under the Moorish standard. Again, the family is the building block of the nation and the Prophet said that by these lessons Moors can get their houses in order. Hence, Chapters 20-25 of the Moorish Holy Koran are the Moorish Family Degrees intent upon unifying all Asiatics under one standard…”…one nation under a Groove..”…”one God, one Aim, one Destiny”.

Chapter 25 in particular contain instructions for children within the family but it is two fold for the binding together of a nation of people. Finally, there are at least two other organizations and their various branches, beside the root that is the MSTA and its branches, that also refer to those of African descent in America as “Asiatics”. (how prophetic of the Prophet) Aside from reminding children in the family and members within the Temple of their obligations to each other under this covenant ones are also charged to do the same with regard to the Asiatic family outside the Temple walls. The title of this chapter bears witness.

1.Ye are the children of one father, provided for by his care; and the breast of one mother hath given you suck.

This is spoken to children born and reared by the Moorish ideal of both parents to call their attention to the fact. Even those who are not raised thusly, the truth of being the children of a father and a mother still holds firm. This verse also promotes breastfeeding among Moorish American mothers. This verse is simultaneously speaking to members of the MSTA reminding them that they are the seed of Allah (Father) planted in the feminine soil of soul (Mother) made manifest through”Adam and Eve” (KQ 57-59) and as such should honor their Father and Mother by holding fast to this covenant. It is too reminding those ones who refer to themselves also as Asiatics that we all call on Allah and are therefore family. The same holds true for those Asiatics who see Allah not alike and have other names for Allah. (10:13 MHK) Our unity is the intent of Noble Drew Ali in offering these verses to us.

2. Let the bonds of affection, therefore, unite thee with thy brothers, that peace and happiness may dwell in thy father’s house.

Children are the result of one father and one mother and must form a bond around that fact. These are binding ties of love, goodwill and social attachment. The result is a peaceful abode and heavenly mental state. Islam means “peace”. This bodes well for families, temples, communities and the nation. There is a science to happiness and that’s what we study. (26:10 MHK)

3. And when ye separate in the world, remember the relation that bindeth you to love and unity; and prefer not a stranger before thy own blood.

There are inevitable times when family members must part. Children and members are taught to recall the blood tie they share. Despite the variation of ethnicity that exists among the Asiatic nation blood ties have been forming for centuries now. The second part of the verse is an instruction aimed at self-preservation and is a time-tested principle. Asiatics must demonstrate this principle to preserve the purity of the Asiatic nation. It is not necessarily a phenotype being preserved but mind-states, world-views, values and customs. A foreigner will also seek to preserve their customs and norms at expense. The resulting conflict undermines the goal of peace and happiness.

4. If thy brother is in adversity, assist him; if thy sister is in trouble, forsake her not.

 Adversity is misfortune, calamity, affliction, distress, or a state of unhappiness. Moors are instructed to help their brothers who are suffering so. Likewise Moors are taught not to abandon their sisters when they are in need of aid. Imagine the strength and order of Moorish American families and communities if these tenets were abided by consistently.

5. So shall the fortunes of thy father contribute to the support of his whole race; and his care be continued to you all, in your love to each other.

The result of the constant practice of this code is that the successes of the father enriches his family, community and nation. The love he has shown his children by his efforts on their behalf lives on in the love and affection his children demonstrate toward each other. Concurrently, Allah, The All-Loving, and Father of the Universe has instituted laws in His creation (35:10 MHK) ,e.g., Cause and Effect. The results of sowing good seeds are reaping good benefit. Therefore showing love to one’s brothers and sisters bring good fortune from the Father.

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