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Ferguson, another chapter in the same narrative…

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I heard a Moor say, “We want so much to be loved by the majority group but we don’t love ourselves enough to warrant it.” I have to agree with the brother. Is life taken by murderous policeman worth more than life taken by those of our own ethnic group? Do we expect them to be more morally correct than our own selves? If so, is this realistic thinking? We don’t see this type of unified outrage at the loss of life by our own hands. One thing about Prophet Noble Drew Ali is that he didn’t waste a lot of time being preoccupied with his enemies. He channeled his tireless energy into building an economic infrastructure for he and his people. That included being very active in the political process. He was more proactive than reactive. He was also big on personal responsibility.

“…I have travelled in the South and have examined conditions there, and it is the works of my people continuously practicing the things which bring dishonor, disgrace, and disrespect…”

He didn’t say it was totally the “white” people’s fault although he hipped us to what he called “European psychology” as it pertains to their labeling people with names that denote superiority and inferiority and all the abuses that inevitably accompany the group christened with the inferior name. Now, we of course have hundreds of years of data in American history that suggest “white” Americans generally do not hold “black” life as significant, or even of any worth; particularly “black” male life. Particular “white” males harbor a deeply seeded fear of him that blooms as a sadistic hatred for him. His masculinity sends shivers up their spine.

“I felt like a 5 year old boy facing the Incredible Hulk,..” Darren Wilson

His mutilation fed their fetishes. His economic, social and political exploitation is intimately interwoven into the fabric of the United States of America. America has known no other way in its infantile history.

Yes, from the perspective of the highest moral compass conceived by mankind, the systemic murder of “black” men by the agencies of law enforcement in this country is vulgar, barbaric, and unjust. It also undermines America’s credibility in attempting to chastise other nations who treat their citizens similarly. In our naivete’ though, we hope that those who presently and historically have controlled the purse strings of the legislative bodies and their enforcers will one day wake up and suddenly do right by us when we demonstrate constantly that we don’t do right by ourselves. The riots have damaged “black” businesses as well and relieved some “black” people of their jobs. So what are the true aims of the protests?

According to, Ferguson, Missouri is 65% “Black” and 31% “White”. Seventy percent of the total population is of voting age as stated by Yet in 2013 “black” voter turn out was only 6% in municipal elections according to Monkey Cage’s article in The Washington Post, “How Ferguson exposes bias in the local elections.” In fact “white” turnout was only 17% in the same year. A mere 25% of “black” voter turnout would have carried elections in their favor if they all voted the same. Therefore in the city of Ferguson, “Blacks” are not a minority but a 2 to 1 majority that is not taking full advantage of its political potential. Cage cites Ferguson’s odd election schedule as the culprit for the present situation being the majority of its governing institutions manned by “white” people. I assert that it is the lack of civic education of “blacks” that is the culprit. They should be controlling city government, as well as the police force.

“Black” residents in Ferguson should be sending some of their sons to the police academy and electing their own leaders as mayor, city councilmen, police chief, education superintendent, fire chief, etc. It’s simple mathematics. This is the methodology by which the African National Congress took the reins in the Republic of South Africa…America’s kissing cousin in many ways. One-man, one vote is how Nelson Mandela check mate those who thought they were using him to quell tension in that volatile state. Where is the “black” leadership in Ferguson to teach and mobilize the people regarding this simple truth?

Needless to say, if the “black” majority controlled the politics of Ferguson and the police department as consequence, then there’s less chance of something as egregious as Michael Brown’s murder transpiring. We will not change American hatred for us by appealing to their sense of morality although we must develop and assert our own. It’s been tried so many times in the history of this nation with miserable failure. We must enter the affairs of these men and women in all spheres of life and flex political power where we have majorities and swing vote capabilities. We must move as a unified block vote. We must strike entrepreneurial and fully support those of us who do. `We must also demonstrate to the other American nationalities that we love ourselves enough to stop killing ourselves. We look rather foolish asking others to do what we ourselves have yet to do. We must not succumb to the machinations of the puppet master.




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