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Duty of a Moorish American Husband

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Duty of a

Moorish Husband

Commentary-Chapter 22-Moorish Holy Koran

Duty is held to be singular…That which a person is bound by moral obligation to do, or refrain from doing; that which one ought to do; service morally obligatory. (Webster’s 1913)Duty is obligation. That’s the reason Moorish Americans refer to their weddings as being “obligated”. The thing that determines whether a man is a good husband or not is the degree to which he fulfills his duties associated with said husbandry. Allah is mentioned in the Moorish Holy Koran as “the Husbandman of everything that is”. (Ch. 1) “Everything that is” is therefore His Wifewoman in this personification, as there is no husband without a wife. Moorish men in imitation of their Father God Allah play a parallel role with their wife and home as Allah plays in His manifest creation…for “Moors are men, upright, independent and fearless who care for their loved ones and follow the Prophet to a destiny which is not uncertain, nor unknown.” (‘Caveat Emptor’-Moorish Guide)

1.Take unto thyself a wife and obey the ordinance of Allah; take unto thyself a wife, and become a faithful member of society.

Moorish men are instructed to marry…twice! Nationality is the order of the day and families are the rudiments of nations. The union of man and woman is the root of the family structure. Aside from marriage being divinely prescribed the practicality of it in light of specific goals simply makes sense. Two of our mission statements are to teach those things necessary to make our members better citizens and uplift fallen humanity. Marriage promotes the attainment of both. “O mankind, fear your Guardian Lord, Who created you from a single Person, created, out of it, His mate, and from them twain scattered (like seeds) countless men and women,-fear Allah, through Whom ye demand your mutual rights, and be heedful of the wombs that bore you: for Allah ever watches over you.” (4:1 Holy Qur’an) This is the “ordinance of Allah”.

2. But examine with care, and fix not suddenly. On thy present choice depends thy future happiness.

Although it is a Moor’s duty to marry he is here being warned not to make the decision hastily. Examine means to test by any appropriate method; to inspect carefully with a view to discover the real character or state of. (Webster’s 1913) The Prophet arms single Moorish men with a set of standards that prospective wives must meet to be considered worthy of marriage. It is during the Moorish courtship where the standards are measured against this checklist of favorable attributes. Again, that’s why Noble Drew Ali warns Moorish young men not to be over zealous in the pursuit of her carnal pleasures. He must maintain enough sobriety to ask the right questions and make the proper observations. The truth that his present choice determines whether he will be happy in the future is self-evident.

3. If much of her time is destroyed in dress and adornment; if she is enamored with her own beauty, and delighted with her own praise; if she laugheth much, and talketh loud; if her foot abideth not in her father’s house, and her eyes with boldness rove on the faces of men; though her beauty were as the sun in the firmament of heaven, turn thy face from her charms, turn thy feet from her paths, and suffer not thy soul to be ensnared by the allurements of imagination.

 This verse identifies attributes that are not attractive in a prospective wife from the Moorish American Islamic perspective. We observe moderation in our view of these: (1) She spends a disproportionate amount of time regarding clothing, jewelry, hair, make-up, etc. There’s an obvious imbalance if these are addressed to the exclusion of other important business matters. (2) She laughs excessively. What’s so funny all the time? (3) She talks loud. Appropriateness to the venue is an important skill toward the goal of peace and tranquility. Some would rightfully say loud talking is “ratchet”. (4) She lives alone. This is often preferred from the perspective of the pleasure principle but would she make a good wife if she left her father’s house to live alone? This is tough in light of modern times so she probably shouldn’t be disqualified for this one if she is strong on all the others.

“Abiding in her father’s house” may also allude to whether or not she sees Allah as her Father God. If not, an inordinate amount of disagreements will persist throughout the marriage. Questions regarding her relationship with her father are most relevant though as it shapes her perspective of what a man is and that view will affect her husband positively or negatively depending upon the type of relationship, if any, that she had with him. (5) She has “wondering eyes” as it pertains to other men in his presence. Ones may modify but they don’t change. A leopard changes not her spots.

If she demonstrates predominantly these said attributes then disregard how beautiful she is or how fine her form is (as hard as it may be). Leave her in peace, reduce the probability of crossing her path and don’t allow mental images of either changing her from the way she is or ignoring all the signs she’s shown you to cloud your judgment because you’ve become addicted to the carnal side of the courtship. Moorish courtship is a pre-cursor to marriage. Marriage and family is for the long haul. Longevity is built on a firm foundation upon the rock of truth not upon the sands of imagination.

4. But when thou findest sensibility of heart, joined with softness of manners; and accomplished mind, with a form agreeable to thy fancy; take her home to thy house; she is worthy to be thy friend, thy companion in life, the wife of thy bosom.

The journey continues. The Moor regroups for a time and then he proceeds. Another Moabitess catches his eye. Conversely, the Prophet identifies attributes that are favorable in a woman in light of Moorish obligation: (1) She has an intuitive sense of understanding (2) She has courage and spirit. (3) She possesses feminine etiquette. (4) She has been successful in something by thinking, willing, bringing it to manifestation and managing it. (5) She’s encased a body that’s in line with one’s peculiar tastes. (Notice this was listed last although it’s usually taken note of first.)

If she “checks out” on all these points and has demonstrated these attributes consistently over a reasonable amount of time then she is Moorish wife material. One must have a house to take her to. Therefore, there’s a pre-requisite that Moorish men must meet before they marry which is to establish themselves economically at the very least in the basic essentials…their own house. Moorish courting is intent upon building a friendship, which has more substance and longevity than simple carnal relationships. His wife is to be as well his lover, attendant, favorite, comrade, partner, and consort.

5. O cherish her as a blessing sent to thee from Heaven. Let the kindness of thy behavior endear thee to her heart.

Here begins the code of the Moorish American moslem husband. Noble Drew Ali is not instructing the Moorish American woman to obey a barbarian or a coward. Why wouldn’t she want to obey one who is upright, independent and fearless, who speaks to her in the most respectful and sweetest of tones and treats her like a lady? She obeys her employer. Which is more important, job or family? His role in her life top ranks any other relationship, although there are times when the other relationships are more immediate. The hierarchy goes…Allah, the Prophet, herself, her husband, Boss, G.S., etc.

The Moor has obligations to his wife that include how he is to treat her. She makes a conscious choice to abide by these tenets for there is no compulsion in Islam. (2:256 Holy Qur’an of Mecca) She cannot have the Moor without the code though. His wife now has in her possession the standards by which to hold him to as well. Their respective codes or roles are equally binding, complimentary and wholesome. Cherish is to treat with tenderness and affection; to nurture with care; to protect and aid; to hold dear; to embrace with interest; to indulge; to encourage; to entertain; to comfort. (Webster’s 1913) These are the Moor’s numerous duties to his wife. The Moor views his wife as a declaration of divine favor from Allah and he in turns treats her with grace, tenderness, compassion, humanity, mildness, gentleness, goodness, generosity, and favor. He in turn becomes more beloved in her center and mind.

6. She is the mistress of thy house; treat her therefore with respect, that thy servants may obey her.

 Mistress-A woman having power, authority, or ownership; a woman who exercises authority, is chief, etc.; the female head of a family, a school, etc. (Webster’s 1913) She is the queen of his house. It is her household. (Act 7) The Moor is to regard his wife as worthy of special consideration. His duty is to show her due honor as the sultana to his sultan, the sheikess to his sheik. Those who work for them will witness and observe this drawing the conclusion that he holds her in high esteem and they will follow the path of their boss in this regard.

7. Oppose not her inclination without cause; she is the partner of thy cares, make her also the companion of thy pleasures.

 Moors are not to deny or contend against their wives’ particular tendencies without a sound reason backed by the maxims of truth contained in the teachings of Prophet Noble Drew Ali. No one can argue with the symmetry of the second phrase. It is imbalanced and unjust to have one’s wife sharing in the toils, challenges, and responsibilities of life and not have her sharing in the pleasures of life. Moors are therefore instructed to share their amusements, gratifications, delights, and enjoyments with their wives.

8. Reprove her faults with gentleness, exact not her obedience with rigor.

 Moors are to call her attention to her moral failings (measured by the principles of Islam) with softness of manners, mildness of temper and sweetness of disposition. He is to also be the message he brings or he has no moral authority or credibility. Yes, Moorish wives are to obey their husband according to Act 7 of the Divine Constitution and By-Laws of the Moorish Science Temple of America. Moorish men and women are taught to know thyself. Just like a soldier that is sworn to follow orders ultimately has free will to not do so, the Moorish wife may be inclined not to obey her husband if she deems his creditability has been compromised by his own words, deeds, and actions.

The Moorish woman is empowered by the Prophet in that she has in her possession the code that her husband is held to just as he possesses the code she is to live by…checks and balances…justice and equality. While tilling the soil and pulling weeds are apart of his responsibility as husbandman, the Moor may not resort to barbarity in the fulfillment of said duty. Moors are instructed not to enforce her compliance to the tenants of Moorish American moslem marriage by “strong-arm tactics” or severe strictness.

9. Trust thy secrets in her breast; her counsels are sincere, thou shalt not be deceived.

 One can by now deem that Moorish marriage as taught by Noble Drew Ali is one of very high standards. The striving to meet said standards allows individuals and their unions to grow and prosper to enjoy the true spirituality of life. Again, she has consistently demonstrated many noble qualities therefore it is safe to share his secrets with her. The sharing of secrets is a bond within itself, strengthening the marital bond in the process. The probability is high that a woman who has demonstrated the above-mentioned attributes will not abuse or betray entrusting her with his hidden thoughts or actions.

10. Be faithful to her bed; for she is mother of thy children.

 Moors are here instructed to be true to the marriage covenant with regard to being sexually exclusive to their wives. Remembrance of the fact that they are the mothers of their children is the ammunition they should use to combat the carnal nature that sprang forth from fleshy things. The idea of a faithful husband is comforting for Moorish women, yet it is a responsibility of hers that cannot be taken lightly. She is agreeing to be his sole source of sexual satisfaction. Again it is not her only responsibility to gratify his loose desire. (21:3 Moorish Holy Koran) The word “merely” does not erase the responsibility. It simply informs the Moorish wife that there are other responsibilities she has to her husband in addition to gratifying his loose desire.

“Your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you, so come to your place of cultivation however you wish and put forth [righteousness] for yourselves. And fear Allah and know that you will meet Him. And give good tidings to the believers.” (2:223 Holy Qur’an of Mecca) The Moorish wife must maintain herself physically, mentally, and spiritually to foster this great responsibility…to be ready for whatever, whenever (within reason). She is also a portal to actually “meet Allah”.

11. When pain and sickness assault her, let thy tenderness soothe her affliction; a look from thee of pity and love shall alleviate her grief, or mitigate her pain and be of more avail than ten physicians.

 Moors are to treat their wives with kindness, pity, mildness and patience when they are afflicted with sickness. These benevolent actions toward them will have a calming and comforting effect upon their wives. The expression of such actions should be “written all over their faces” when they look into their wives’ eyes. This power of love will aid in their wives’ healing…in addition to the appropriate medicine.

12. Consider the tenderness of her sex, the delicacy of her frame; and be not severe to her weakness, but remember thine own imperfections.

Moorish American moslem husbands are here instructed to always be mindful of the peculiarities of their wives’ femininity and the softness of her bodily form. They are not to be harsh in light of her faults and if it is “natural” for them to do so then they are to bring remembrance to their aid concerning their own shortcomings and weaknesses.


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