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“A Moorish American View of Community Development”

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At this time I would like to present my professional assessment of the last 100 years of functioning of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc.  As Moorish-Americans we have failed to seek deeply to understand how our Prophet established and structured our Divine and National Movement.  Some have also failed to examine it within the proper context of social environment, local, state, and federal issues of that time. We have also failed to hold fruitful and meaningful discussion surrounding this subject and how we as an organization should move forward.  As a Moorish-American I have come to understand that the temples of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc. are not only places to worship and attend our respective chamber meetings. In my humblest opinion our temples should be viewed as Community Hub’s.

A great deal of our Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s work was “Community Development” surrounded and backed by spiritual principles.  Our Principles are the five highest principles known to mankind (Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice) once we as Moorish-American Asiatic Moslems have truly practiced and internalized each of these principle. We will come to realize that they are principles of action and will permeate our ever idea, thought, action, word, and deed. When viewed in this perspective each Moorish-American should be able to work in cohesion and effectiveness.

The Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc as community

I am inclined to believe that if our Prophet had an idea in mind of the creation a nation, then we have to ask ourselves what is the smallest unit of a nation. The smallest unit of a nation is the self; the Prophet through our five principles taught us how to “Know ourselves”. First he teaches us that we have a Higher Self and Lower Self.  Through knowing this universal concept we discover that we as individuals need to know ourselves in

“Three Basic Ways”

Know ourselves as Human Beings

Know ourselves as a Tribe

Know ourselves as Spiritual Beings

When we understand and know ourselves in all three of the above stated dimensions then we are able to live and become more productive and aware Human Beings (Asiatic). From the individual grows a family (Tribe) and from the family a Community is produced.  The temple through the teachings of the Prophet that has been passed down by  Allah through our ancient Father and Mothers by his Prophets/Prophetess’ are the building blocks for nationhood. Community by definition is a small social unit of any size that shares common values.

Upon examination of our Divine Constitution and By-Laws it requires us to conduct our organization, affairs, and ourselves in a way that should produce the results and model the above cited diagram. Our principles, The Divine Constitution and By-Laws, The Holy Koran of M.S.T. of A, Humanity Pamphlet, Moorish Literature and any other record that our Prophet has left reflect our permeating principles.

In last 100 years of functioning of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc. have we developed as a “community”? We have developed as a Religious Organization under our respective leadership, but have we developed as a  community? United we stand; divided we fall,  community thinking , community concepts principles and community action is what is needed for  the Moorish–American community to advance.

As a member of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc. do you, have you, or will you display the “Characteristics of an Effective Helper”

Characteristics of an Effective Helper

Empathy: The ability to see things from another point of view

Genuineness: The expression of true feelings

Objective/Subjective Balance: The ability to stand back and view a situation accurately but without becoming detached from personal feelings.

Self-Awareness: The quality of knowing oneself, including the knowledge of one’s values, feelings, attitudes and beliefs, fears, desires, and strength and weakness.

Acceptance: The ability to view the other Moorish-American’s feelings, attitudes and beliefs, find opinions as worth consideration without necessarily approving or disapproving the other Moorish-Americans behavior unless it is totally out of line with the Prophets foundation and laws.

Desire to Help: Enthusiasm in promoting the growth and development of others without creating unnecessary dependency; includes a basic belief that those being served do have the fundamental ability to change.

Patience: The ability to wait and be steadfast, understanding that different times, in different ways, and for different reasons and according to individual capacities we have something to contribute to the whole.

To be able to agree to disagree; agreeably!

I look forward to working with you in the near feature as a change agent for the Moorish-American community and the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc. The time of hatred, slander, lewdness, murder, theft and anything that harms a brothers or sisters ideas, way of thinking should be declared out. Let us move forward into our 101st year of functioning to creating a new organizational culture for our children, new members and the public at large.

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