7 Moor Questions-Sheik D. Way-El

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7 Moor Questions-Sheik D. Way-El


  1. From where did the juggernaut that is Shiek D. Way-El aka Lord Abba manifest?


Islam. Firstly, thank you for the opportunity to share my views via your great platform. I would not call myself a juggernaut; I would say that I am very impassioned about uplifting my people and this drives me to get it right and rebel a little bit against what we have established in the Moorish movement. Being born a 5%er (today they’re called the Nation of Gods and Earths), I was always culturally connected with those who were acutely conscious of our condition as a people and those seeking a remedy for the problems we face. I watched a Farrakhan speech when I was about 10 or 11 years old, I believe it was the speech that got him banned from speaking in New York, and that was the spark. I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I got older. Islam in its western form was one of the paths laid out for me when I was younger and in every deviation I was bought back to my true path.


  1. You’ve researched the teachings of the Moorish Science Temple of America in depth for some time now. What aspect of said teachings is most profound for you?




“If you would ask me what to study, I would say, yourselves; and when you well have studied them; and then would ask me what to study next, I would reply, yourselves. He who knows well his lower self, knows the illusions of the world, knows of the things that pass away; and he who knows his higher self, know Allah; knows well the things that cannot pass away.” (3:14-15)


This, in my opinion, is the most profound to me for within me, it (the lessons in general) exposes my weaknesses and forces me to strengthen myself in those areas.


  1. What sources support the Moabites being the founders of the Holy City of Mecca?


Prophet Noble Drew Ali teaches us that “The Moorish Americans are descendants of the ancient Moabites…” For me, this is the key. I am of the contention that all of our people are Moors, ethnically, but that the nobility among us, like all other peoples, were invested in one direct bloodline group of our people who identified themselves as Moab and Moor. The original Arabians were in fact Moors so by my logic, Moors, who were ancient Moabites, created that Holy City. The historically identified Moabite king by the name of Mesha (In the Septuagint, which is the Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament, Mesha is rendered as Massae.[1]), is also an ancient name for Mecca.[2] Chemosh, the deity of the Moabites, was probably more of a deified ancestor/king than an actual God and was worshipped in ancient Arabia as a black stone, the same type that we have in the Kaaba of Mecca today. The correlations alone give us a weighty preponderance of the evidence. The best evidence in my opinion is that several early sources state that the Great Koran of Mohammed was not revealed in the Arabic that we have today, but instead, it was revealed in the Moabite language Mudar. I will list the cited sources here:


  • “The Moabi region was also the source of the Arabic, Hebrew, and Aramaic/Syriac dialects, which were offshoots of the Ancient Egypt language. Ibn Hazm (died 1064), the medieval Arabic scholar of Córdoba, recognized that Aramaic/Syriac, Hebrew, and Arabic were kindred dialects, derived from the Mudar, the dialect in which the Koran had been disclosed. Later in chapter 12, we will show that Mudar is an Ancient Egyptian term meaning language, and that all three languages/dialects are offshoots of the Ancient Egyptian language. The Moorish alliance never forgot their Moabi origin. Christian chronicles sometimes referred to the Almoravids as “Moabites”. There are numerous references to the “Moabites” in the Chronica Adephonsi [e.g. [35], [42], [53], [96], [127]; the references are to paragraphs] and the reference to “Ali” and “Texufinus (Tashufin) as kings of the Moabites would seem to support their theory that this term refers to Almoravids.” – Moustafa Gadalla, Egyptian Romany: The Essence of Hispania (North Carolina: Tehuti Research Foundation), 150;


  • “As mentioned before, the original home of Arabic – the Arabic of the Qur’ān and of literature – may be traced to the northwestern region of the Arabian Peninsula… The northern region is regarded as the home of the Mudar language, the forerunner of Arabic; and the southern region is considered the locus of the Himyarite language spoken by the Yemenites and their neighbors. This division became more pronounced after the rise and expansion of Islām, when the Mudar language was accorded supreme attributes and superior qualities. Such views were rationalized by pointing to the fact that the Qur’ān was revealed in one of the Mudar dialects, the dialect of the Quraysh tribe.” – Anwar Chejne, Arabic Language (Minnesota: Haffernan Press, 1969);


  • “We find that with regard to clear indication of what one wants to express and full expression of meaning, Arabic (as it is spoken today) follows the ways of the Mudar language… Therefore, Arabic speech is more concise and uses fewer words and expressions than any other language. This is what was meant in the following remark by Muhammad: “I was given the most comprehensive words, and speech was made short for me.” – The Muqaddimah: an introduction to history, Volume 1 By Ibn Khaldūn (1377) http://www.muslimphilosophy.com/ik/Muqaddimah/Chapter6/Ch_6_46.htm


With these sources, and the fact that my personal view is that all of our people were Moors and that the royal bloodline were Moabites also called Moors, which is the self-same as Almoravids, I am convinced that the Moabites in fact are the founders of the Holy City of Mecca (Bekka). I can get much deeper into this but will leave you with this last important observation from a 19th century French scholar who posits that the Moors relayed that they came into Africa from Arabia:


“The origin of the Moors, or Mauritanians, is like that of most other ancient nations, obscure, and in the information we possess concerning their history confusedly mingled with fables. The fact, however, appears to be established, that Asiatic emigrations were, from the earliest times, made into Africa. In addition to this, the historians of remote ages, speak of a certain Meleck Yafrick, king of Arabia Felix, who conducted a people called Sabæi into Libya, made himself master of that country, established his followers there, and gave it the name of Africa. It is from these Sabians or Sabæi that the principle Moorish tribes pretend to trace their descent. The derivation of the name Moors is also supposed, in some degree, to confirm the impression that they came originally from Asia. But, without enlarging upon these ancient statements, let it suffice to say, that nearly certain ground exists for the belief that the original Moors were Arabians. In confirmation of this impression, we find that, during every period of the existence of their race, the descendants of the primitive inhabitants of Mauritania have, like the Arabs, been divided into distinct tribes, and, like them, have pursued a wild wandering mode of existence.” – History of the Moors of Spain By Florian 1841 pp. 19-20



  1. What attracted you to the demonstration of Prophet Noble Drew Ali?


Child support…lol… I got caught up in sovereign citizen legal mumbo jumbo trying to defeat child support using the flawed legal theories of sovereign citizens. Of course none of that stuff worked but my pension for studying and ultimately seeking a solution for my people beside that led me into the arms of the Prophet in the process. Coming from the Nuwaubian camp, it was easy to accept the Prophet’s teachings on nationality and us not being a black people, a conclusion that I had come to several years prior to accepting the teachings and the gospel of the Prophet Noble Drew Ali, but the Canaanite and Moabite connection paused me. I literally challenged myself to disprove what I was previously led to believe and in this, you have the several books, videos, and blogs that Allah has blessed me to produce proving our Moabite and Canaanite lineage. I felt, if I can show people that this aspect is right and exact historically, then they will look to the present day and see that the moves that this man made for us, must be right and exact as well and if we are to but follow his success, we will resurrect ourselves. As for child support, I am going to start an organization called Americans For Child Support Reform and we will seek congressional decrees to change the current system which is oppressive to all American citizens.


  1. Your website and literature have updated the presentation of the MST of A. What is your vision of the full potential of the Moorish Science Temple of America?


Honors for the compliment. It is time for us to upgrade our presentation as a whole. New faces of new leaders within our movement will attract our youth and those of various fields of professions. The older Moors got caught up in customs from 1928 instead of understanding that custom does not alter the nature of the truth. Proof of this is in the fact that some Bodies still have 50 cent dues. It is my belief that the Moorish Science Temple of America will lead the way in resurrecting our people. I believe that once we get a true breakthrough, once Moslems of the organization, by their own volition, blur the lines that divide individuals within the organization itself, the Moorish Science Temple of America will become the biggest movement in America. Mega Temples like the Church; going door to door like the Jehovah Witness’s; Cleaning up the character of our woman like the Nation of Islam’s MGT and GCC, and the men like the FOI; Getting our political party moving, especially in 2016 before the presidential elections; upgrading our Adept Chamber by augmenting what we have already so that Adepts are true Adepts by definition as opposed to being paper-adepts; I believe this movement will flourish once these things happen. It is my belief that we will accomplish this. The intellectuals of the movement must first come together and hammer out a workable strategy so that we can work together and not keep up the divide that has been going on within our organization for decades. We are showing that the Prophet and what he brought is in fact 100% all wise right and exact from a philosophical, religious, and historical standpoint.


  1. You got bars as well. When did MCing enter the picture?


Growing up in New York, it was destined I believe. I got caught up in the wave of hip-hop. Songs like The Message by Melle Mel and the Furious Five captured me. I learned the whole song after listening to it only three times. From this point, I got into hip hop and hip hop got into me and till this day, I can still go hard with the bars. One of the benefits of writing rhymes is that, I can use that same format to study my lessons. I write certain verses from both Koran’s in poetic form so that I can better retain them. I would also like to start a faith-based record label called Moor Rok’n Muzik and a subsidiary, Aquarian Records.


  1. What are those Supreme Lessons that you’ve been preparing for the streets?


These lessons, also called the SUPREME KNOWLEDGE or the 360 LESSONS, are patterned after the NOI/NGE’s Q&A format but these lessons will be heavily sourced so that our people will not only be able to quote the lessons, but will have the historical references to back them up with. The lessons focus on aspects of our history from the Canaanite and Moabite perspective, the Moorish origins of Islam, American history and debunking myths pertaining to Dred Scott and misconstrued constitutional provisions, self-help and self-development as is taught within the Moorish doctrine; along with one degree that will teach on the natural mathematics in nature (golden mean, phi ratio, etc.) So the term 360 Lessons will not just be 360 questions and answers, but will also serve as a complete 360°of transformative information for the individuals who are still mentally enslaved and philosophically dead.


Peace and Love



[1] THE BIBLE AND THE ANCIENT MECCA CLAIM http://religionresearchinstitute.org/mecca/mecca_bible.htm

[2] A Universal History of the Nations of Antiquity: Comprising a Complete History of the Jews (1844) pg. 856

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