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7 Moor Questions-Sheik Ron

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1. What part of the nation are you from Moor?

I’m Part and Parcel of the said government, but to answer your question I’m from Chicago, the Great City of Mecca. The temple I belong to is under the leadership of the Holy Prophet Drew Ali, through Grand Sheik Marcel Walton El, Temple #1.

2. How did you come into your own as an MC?

Around the time I was 16 years old, I wasn’t really a hardcore fan of rap or hip hop, actually music wasn’t my thing growing up. The reason I chose to pursue music was because of a childhood friend, who will remain unnamed (Without his approval). This childhood friend of mine, challenged me to a freestyle and I explained to him that I didn’t know how to freestyle, but I tried it and it was fun. So after a couple of freestyles I challenge him to writing rap lyrics. We both did. I had the fast type of music where I would barely pause and my friend would spit out lyrics with complicated punch lines and metaphors. This is my first awakening as an MC=Master of Ceremony(Circle) or I call it the lyrical master of the Circle 7. Every time I can, I do my best to perfect my musical craft.

3. I hear a splattering of Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s teachings in your music, is that where you draw your “Sheik” from in your name?

Ironically, a random individual who visited my temple in Mecca, Chicago was the one who came up with the name Sheik Ron. I use to go by the stage name “Potential” before that time and a lot of my old fans would tell you that. The Prophet Drew Ali is a mastermind and I admire how amazing he was and is. I look up to him. Without him, my music would just be goofy and probably negative. He definitely helps me see a different light that I wasn’t use to.

4. You’re often seen wearing your fez in most of your visuals, why do you feel that’s important?

Well, my take on the Fez is, we should wear it as much as possible but to each its own. First, I wear the Moorish Fez to honor my foremothers and forefathers and secondly, to let pedestrians know that a Moor is walking among the people and is just like the people. I get a lot of people ask me about the Fez every day and I don’t get tired of it because I’m happy to see them come out of the darkness into light.

5. I’ve been observing your independent marketing. How effective has technology been in exposing your music to the multitudes?

I think marketing is the biggest strategy any product can use and I have to think of my music as goods and services accessible to the public’s needs. Technology has helped in a way but can only go so far. I think it plays a big factor in an artist’s career but what I realize is word of mouth promoting travels far. My goal is to reach one of the biggest fan base ever, without selling out to the lower selves of the industry.

6. In your estimation have Moors been supportive of your music with respect to actually purchasing it?

Honestly, I had more Europeans buy my music more than my own Moors. I don’t understand it but it is what it is. I had a few Moors who definitely supported me though and I really appreciate them.

7. What current projects are you involved in?

Currently, I hadn’t been focused on too many projects but I am being featured on albums and mixtapes of various artists. I do have an album coming out soon by the name of “ChiTown Stories LP”…to give a breakdown on how it be in Chicago, so look out for it and I hope you all like the album. Peace

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